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Admin/Config/User Information

Information can be requested from users at registration time

A recent addition to Galaxy introduced the ability to collect specific information about users on the User Registration page using the new Galaxy forms component. After registering, a user can maintain this information by accessing their "User Preferences".

Details for using this feature

This feature uses a Galaxy form, which must be created by a Galaxy admin user.

On the admin page, click on "Manage Forms" link on the left go to the "Create a new form" page.

Provide a name and description of the form, select "User Information" for the "Type" and click the "Add fields" button. You can add any number of fields of any supported type ( TextField, NumberField, TextArea, etc ). These fields will be displayed on the user registration page. When you are finished, click the "Save" button to save the form.

Admin/Config/User Information/create_form.png

After a form of type "User Information" has been created, the fields defined in the form will be displayed on the User Registration page.

Admin/Config/User Information/user_registration.png

Users can maintain this information by clicking the "Manage your information" link on the User Preferences page.

Admin/Config/User Information/user_preferences.png

Here is a sample of the Manage User Information page. Notice the "Add a new address" button. Users can add any number of addresses to their information.

Admin/Config/User Information/user_information.png

Clicking the "Add a new address" button displays the following page.


When the address is saved, it is included on the Manage User Information page.

Admin/Config/User Information/user_information_with_address.png