Admin Interface

This page contains information about the features available to Galaxy "admin" users.

Setup admin user

To give a Galaxy user admin privileges you have to add their Galaxy login ( email ) to the Galaxy configuration file universe_wsgi.ini or config/galaxy.ini. If the file does not exist yet you can create it from the provided sample (config/galaxy.ini.sample). Make sure you rename it. Note that you have to restart Galaxy after modifying the configuration for changes to take effect. Also make sure you don't specify it twice - the line with admin_users is already present in every sample config and should be there only once.

# this should be a comma-separated list of valid Galaxy users
admin_users =,

When an admin user logs into Galaxy, they will see an "Admin" menu item in the top Galaxy menu bar which will take them to the Galaxy Admin page with an administration panel that looks like the picture below. Note that not all the options have to be present as some of them depend on the configuration of your Galaxy.





Tool sheds

Form definitions

Sample tracking

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