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Check your Python version

Galaxy's core functionality is compatible with Python version 2.7. (Version 2.6 support was last included in the 16.01 release). Before reporting bugs, please ensure that python --version reports version 2.7. If this is not the case, a simple solution is to manipulate your shell's $PATH variable to place the correct version first. This can be done for only Python by creating a new directory at the front of $PATH and creating a symbolic link to python in that directory:

   1 % mkdir ~/galaxy-python
   2 % ln -s /path/to/python2.7 ~/galaxy-python/python
   3 % export PATH=~/galaxy-python:$PATH

If you've compiled your own Python interpreter from source, please ensure that the ssl, sqlite3, curses and bz2 modules build and can be imported after installation.  These "extra" modules are built at the end of the compilation process and are required by the Galaxy framework.  If building on Linux, you may need to install the appropriate -dev packages for OpenSSL and Bzip2. You may also need to build Python with shared libraries (--enable-shared).