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For admins wishing to have more information on the status of a galaxy instance, you can configure and use the Galaxy Report Tool.

  1. Configure reports_wsgi.ini in the same manner as your main galaxy instance (i.e., same database connection, but different port)

  2. Run with sh run_reports.sh

  3. Use a web browser and go to the address you configured in reports_wsgi.ini

The Galaxy Report Tool will give you information on the following:

  • Jobs
    • Today's jobs
    • Jobs per day this month
    • Jobs in error per day this month
    • All unfinished jobs
    • Jobs per month
    • Jobs in error per month
    • Jobs per user
    • Jobs per tool
  • Sample Tracking
    • Sequencing requests per month
    • Sequencing requests per user
  • Workflows
    • Workflows per month
    • Workflows per user
  • Users
    • Registered users
    • Date of last login
    • User disk usage
  • System
    • Disk space maintenance