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Carrie Ganote

Carrie Ganote is a Bioinformatics Analyst at the National Center for Genome Analysis Support (NCGAS) in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University Bloomington.

Carrie is active in the Galaxy community and is on the 2016 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2016) Exec. She was also an organizer of the GCC2015 Coding Hackathon, and spoke at GCC2014, GCC2015, and presented at the April 2015 GalaxyAdmins meetup as well.

Recommendations for GCC2016 Participants

In addition to being on the GCC2016 Exec, Carrie also lives in Bloomington and has these recommendations for those of us that don't:

Where to eat

Btown has a wide selection of dining options and prices. My recommendations are my own:

  • Taste of India - my favorite place for Indian food. A little pricy, but the butter chicken is awesome. Seats 20.
  • Turkuaz - Turkish/Mediteranean food of good quality and medium price range. The veggie kabobs are my favorite but the lamb chops and pides are also great. Seats 15.
  • Casa Brava - Near College Mall on the 9 or 3 bus. Seats 30. Great food that is reasonably priced. This is my favorite Mexican place.
  • Uptown Cafe - Creole and Americana. Great atmosphere, medium price range. Seats 30. One of my favorite places.
  • Monet and Farm - upscale places. Farm is hit or miss. Monet is usually great but very pricy.
  • Chocolate Moose - Bloomington institution. Long lines but decent ice cream. It's a little hut in a parking lot.
  • Siam House - service isn't the best, but decent Thai food.
  • Little Tibet - good food, medium prices. A Bloomington institution.
  • Jankos - Bloomington institution. I don't recommend this place - prices are outrageous. Steakhouse, Americana. Seats 20.


  • Nicks - Bloomington institution. Play Sink the Biz if you are brave. Great bar for hanging out and conversation, with nooks and crannies that aren't too loud.
  • Yogis - Cheap, food is ok. Great selection on draft.
  • The Tap - Loud. Great selection on draft. Seats 20.
  • Crazy Horse - Loud, fun, lots of options. Seats 25.
  • Kilroys on Kirkwood and Kilroys Sports bar - loud, but can have good drink specials. Serve food. Seats 100. Cheap wings on Monday!
  • The Irish Lion - Decent Irish food and a good bar. Pub grub is reasonably priced and fancy items are also available. Seats 50.


  • Butler Tasting Room - This is one of my favorite places - it's in a quaint building on Walnut just north of the railroad. It's "walkable" for the sturdy of constitution from campus.
  • Oliver Winery - The winery is just North of Bloomington and has a beautiful grounds. They close at 6 most nights, 8 on Saturday.


  • Game Preserve - if you like board games and RPGs, this is for you. On the Bloomington Square.
  • Vintage Phoenix - comic book shop on 6th St close to Walnut St.
  • Caveat Emptor - a fun bookshop which is pretty much a fixture in Bloomington.
  • Landlocked Music - if you need to take some vinyls home with you, peruse this store.


I love to hike; my favorite places are Griffy Lake, the Deam Wilderness, and the Beanblossom Bottoms.

  • Griffy is close to Bloomington and has nice trails and a tranquil lake to watch birds or fish.

  • Deam Wilderness is about 45 minutes from campus, but a beautiful place for those who like to be lost in forests.

  • Beanblossom Bottoms is a neat experience for seeing how much of Indiana existed before settlement - swamp and wetlands. The boardwalk keeps you up out of the water, but at this time of year you want some bug repellent.