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Current AMI:

  • AMI: ami-b45e59de
  • Name: Galaxy-CloudMan-1457720469 (active dates: 2016-03-24 -> present)

Note that the current AMI represents the environment required to run CloudMan (in the format of a machine image) and the machine image release date does not represent the most recent update or version of either CloudMan or Galaxy. Versions of those tools can be seen (and automatically updated, with the Update button in the CloudMan Admin page) once an instance has been instantiated (we are also looking into a more explicit form of making this information available).

Deprecated AMIs

  • AMI: ami-d5246abf
  • Name: Galaxy-CloudMan-1449500413 (active dates: 2015-12-18 -> 2016-03-24)

  • AMI: ami-d1c77fba
  • Name: Galaxy-CloudMan-1440625733 (active dates: 2015-09-03 -> 2015-12-18)

  • AMI: ami-a7dbf6ce
  • Name: Galaxy CloudMan 2.3 (active dates: 2014-01-07 -> 2015-09-03)

  • AMI: ami-118bfc78
  • Name: 861460482541/Galaxy CloudMan 2.0

  • AMI: ami-da58aab3
  • Name: 861460482541/galaxy-cloudman-2011-03-22
  • AMI: ami-9a7485f3
  • Name: 861460482541/galaxy-cloudman-2010-01-12
  • AMI: ami-228a7e4b
  • Name: 115971652512/galaxy-cloudman-2010-10-08
  • AMI: ami-ed03ed84
  • Name: 115971652512/galaxy-2010-04-20_2

Note, the AMI ami-561bc93f, 072133624695/galaxy-cloudman-2012-02-26 is from unknown origin, and not supported.