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Getting Started with Galaxy on the Cloud

This getting started is for non-technical users who are interested in creating their own Galaxy on the Cloud. By following this getting started, you’ll learn fundamental process of starting your own instance. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Get your cloud credentials

Before you can start using cloud resources, you need to get your API access credentials for the given cloud. This step needs to be done only once.

1.1 For the case of Amazon, you need to register here.

1.2 Once your account has been approved by Amazon (note that this may take up to one business day), log into AWS Management Console ( and create the API access credentials.

1.3 Create IAM user by clicking on ServicesIAMUsersCreate New Users. Give the user a name (e.g., galaxy_cloudman) and click Create. Once created, make a note of and download the API access credentials.

1.4 Attach permissions to the created IAM user by selecting the newly created user, clicking on Permissions in the user properties pane followed by a click on Attach User Policy button. Select the AdministratorAccess policy and Attach it.