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Galaxy is driven and supported by its user and developer communities. This page attempts to bring together everything loosely related to community into one place.


Any organization, group, or individual who uses, deploys, or develops Galaxy is considered a part of the Galaxy community. Community members are free to integrate their own tools and/or data into Galaxy. Members within the Galaxy community are located all around the world. Subgroups within the overall community may differ in size (small versus large) and/or degree of privacy (public versus private). However, regardless of affiliation, Galaxy's primary mission is to contribute to research in a wide variety of fields across the tree of life.

In short, the Galaxy community includes anyone who works with Galaxy in any capacity. We are wide open.

Special Interest Groups

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Deployment Catalog

Ever wonder how other sites deploy Galaxy? Want to share how your Galaxy instance is deployed with others? The Galaxy Deployment Catalog describes deployments, both in summary and in detail. Please add your deployment today.


Want to share how you addressed a particular challenge in your Galaxy deployment? Log entries describe specific solutions to a wide variety of different issues within Galaxy. For example, one can use the logs to find details concerning what steps were taken to deploy Galaxy on particular platforms (or with particular software). It's an easy way to help others learn from what you've already done and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Other Resources

  • Tool Shed - Tool wrappers contributed by community members.

  • Events - Events of interest to the community, including the annual Galaxy meetings.

  • Support - How to get (and help with) support, including Mailing Lists and this wiki.

  • Training and Outreach - Find out how you can support the Galaxy community and get the word out about Galaxy.