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Community/GalaxyAdmins     GCC2012


  • Alex Moskalenko
  • Nate Coraor
  • Mary Dolan
  • Gianmauro Cuccuru
  • Larry Helseth
  • Ann Black
  • ???

Breakout Presentation: GalaxyCzars_Breakout.pdf

A GalaxyCzars breakout session was held at GCC2012. This was an opportunity for this group to meet face-to-face for the first time. GalaxyCzars is about installing, configuring, and maintaining large Galaxy installations. It was open to anyone.

  • We need a new name! 
  • We tried to brainstorm a new name for the group... being that it was Friday afternoon this was a difficult task!  We will keep looking for a new name.  Some suggestions:  GalaxyLocals, GalaxyCommons, etc.

  • Talked about goals for the group
  • Can we as a collective community build a set of common topologies? Can we find common problems?  
  • Talked about problems that a lot of us have:
  • A common problem across the group was how to tune tools for the cluster.  IE set the number of threads, min/max heap