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Log Entries for 2013

List of Community Log entries created in 2013.


Date Topic Resolution Who
2013/12/05 Tool Integration Short Tutorial Documents best tool integration practices from Institut Français de Bioinformatique Galaxy working group Contributors
2013/11/13 VelvetG error on CloudMan instance: cannot find 'cov_cutoff' Fixed XML wrapper Dave Clements
2013/10/27 IGV Integration How to set up IGV-Galaxy integration in Apache and Galaxy, including adding custom genomes. Sarah Maman, Nabihoudine Ibou
2013/10/23 Sharing workflows between servers Documents process for sharing workflows, including wrapping necessary tools Contributors
2013/10/12 Using BioServices Python Library with Galaxy Shows how to link BioServices and Galaxy. Thomas Cokelaer
2013/07/19 CloudBioLinux Deployer CloudMan QuickStart Documented how to build CloudMan instances from scratch using the CloudBioLinux deployer. John Chilton
2013/05/06 Creating a Galaxy tool for R scripts that output images and PDFs XML wrapper, R code Samuel Lampa
2013/04/10 Virtualization at URGI Documents creation of virtual machine ISO image Contributors
2013/02/21 Genome download & indexing using Galaxy rsync servers Python script in CloudBioLinux. Brad Chapman
2013/01/25 Launch a customized modENCODE Galaxy on Amazon Web Services Documented at GitHub Quang Trinh
2013/01/01 Create Galaxy Tool from Taverna 2 Workflow Ruby Gem Kostas Karasavvas