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Log Entries for 2014

List of Community Log entries created in 2014.


Date Topic Resolution Who
2014/09/01 Overview of Galaxy on Bio-Linux 8. Information about running Galaxy under Bio-Linux 8 Tracey Timms-Wilson, NERC Environmental 'Omics Synthesis Centre
2014/06/10 Setting up a secure tool shed with remote authentication requires some tweaks in order to allow Galaxy to communicate with the tool shed. Works and isn't much additional work above setting up Galaxy with SSL and LDAP. William Holtz
2014/03/20 Basic Galaxy Puppet Module A puppet module for a very basic galaxy server (use for development) Olivier Inizan, Mikael Loaec
2014/01/27 Problem with logout when using LDAP for authentication with remoteUser enabled. Make changes to 4 Galaxy configuration files Tim Booth