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A list of organizations using and contributing to Galaxy. Please add your organization.

Add Your Organization

Please add your organization to the above list. You can do this by either:

  1. Sending your information to outreach@galaxyproject.org and we will add it; or

  2. Edit this page, and add a link/links to your organization; or
  3. Create a wiki page, using the form below, that describes your organization and how it uses Galaxy. Then edit this page and add the new page to the Member list above.

Create a Wiki Page for Your Organization

You can create a wiki page for your organization. Pick a markup language for the page (see MoinMoin help and Creole help), enter your organization name in the appropriate box, and click the Create button. Create a community page for your organization


Edit and save the page. Once you have created your organization's community page, edit this page and add a link to it in the above list.