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Galaxy Distribution News Brief Archive

Galaxy Distribution News Briefs describe new Galaxy releases, and what has happened in the code since the previous release. Recent releases are summarized on the Galaxy Distribution News Brief page. Older News Briefs are listed here.


Distribution Date


What's New?

June 23, 2011

 hg pull -u -r 720455407d1c 

GCC Presentations; Python 2.7 beta;
Cloudman Admin Functions;
New Tool Shed: Test & Prod.

May 20, 2011

 hg pull -u -r 8c11dd28a3cf 

Picard; !FastQC;
NBIC>> Galaxy Hackathon Results;
Multiple-Input Workflows.

April 8, 2011

 hg pull -u -r 50e249442c5a 

Workflow API; Move Data Library Items;
10 New Genomes & 29 New LiftOver;
Import Workflows & Histories;
ClustalW Multiple-Seq Alignments & Sequence Logo;
Major Trackster Visualization Improvements.

February 18, 2011

 hg pull -u -r ca0c4ad2bb39 

Data Libraries: Enhanced Searching Capabilities
and New Tools to Manange Disk Space for Local Instances;
Highlights of Community Tool Shed Additions:
Velvet, ABySS, Minimus2, Phrap, and Newbler.

January 31, 2011

 hg pull -u -r 95d65755ac69 

Workflow Update: Annotation, Inport/Export, Global
Parameters; Deferred Jobs & Managed Transfers;
modENCODE modMine server and 8 New Genomes;
Sample Tracking; BLAST+; bedToBigBED

November 24, 2010

 hg pull -u -r 8729d2e29b02 

Galaxy's New FTP Server; OpenID; Trackster Updates;
RNA-seq Tophat/Cufflinks; New Data Org.
Import/Export Workflows & Histories

October 5, 2010

 hg pull -u -r d681ef7538ed 

Enhanced Data Library, Workflow, and API Functions;
More options for Exporting, Searching,
and Customizing Annotating throughout

September 8, 2010

 hg pull -u -r f09915c8da94 

Multiple Sample Tracking; Custom Sorting in Grid;
Expanded Data Handling Tools: BAM->SAM, wig->bigWig,
bigWig/Bed UCSC Display, and Improved GFF

August 20, 2010

 hg pull -u -r d8cf43c9a0b9 

Ratings framework; VCFv4.0;
Wrappers for SRMA and BFAST plus New Statistical Tools

July 26, 2010

 hg pull -u -r f94f1f2fa4be 

July 16, 2010

 hg pull -u -r 11fb3bb5b250 

June 21, 2010

 hg pull -u -r 4cdf4cca0f31 

June 8, 2010

 hg pull -u -r 837aabec314e