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Target improvements for 2016 (in part lesson learned from apply and great feedback from Nicole Deflaux and colleagues at Google Genomics.

  • Exciting intro at the top of the ideas page.
  • We tried to use numbers and metrics in GSOC 2015 application, try to replicate that in that ideas page.
  • Each project should start with a very simple and impactful "why" statement. Highlight visually somehow.
  • Hopefully we will have migrated to a django-based wiki that will allow us to have the best of both worlds (polished visually, user editable).

Other idea pages (for reference)

Ideas for Galaxy Project in GSoC 2016

The page contains project ideas for potential Google Summer of Code 2016 interns - more information on Galaxy and the GSOC 2016 can be found here.

Your Original Proposal

We would encourage potential interns to explore the Galaxy ecosystem and develop an original idea for a proposal. Possible sources for inspiration including browsing Galaxy papers on CituLike, our Trello board, or just posting a broad description of your interests (preferably in the realm of bioinformatics or computational infrastructure) to our developement mailing list or IRC channel (#galaxyproject) to solicit advice. Relevance to the project is important, but the scope of Galaxy and its role as an integration tool mean a very wide range of potential projects could be applicable.

Additionally, all proposals should include a description of a specific bioinformatics application or a description of how the project benefits the end-users (biologists and bioinformaticians) of Galaxy. Furthermore, proposals that could potentially benefit open source projects beyond just Galaxy will also be looked on favorably (many of the projects listed below meet this criteria).