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Galaxy is going to have a good presence (one workshop and many posters) at the 61st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics.

Workshop: The Galaxy Framework as a Solution for MS-based Informatics

Tuesday evening (June 11th 5:45 - 7:00 PM) there is a workshop titled "The Galaxy Framework as a Solution for MS-based Informatics."

"The open source, community-developed, web-based Galaxy framework enables sharing of software and analysis workflows, promoting increased transparency in data analysis and adherence to standards. Originally designed for the genomics research community, Galaxy is gaining use by those in the MS-based proteomics and metabolomics community where new informatics solutions are urgently needed.  Galaxy usage is driven by its unique and powerful features, not offered by other current solutions.  This workshop seeks to inform current users of Galaxy on the newest developments, and introduce the framework to interested  new users. Top developers of Galaxy for MS-based informatics will give short informal presentations on their work, followed by a panel discussion and an open question and answer period from the audience."

Posters Directly About Galaxy

User friendly MS analysis by taking the Galaxy environment to the cloud

Jorrit Boekel1,2; Janne Lehtiö1,2; Lukas Käll1,3

1 Science for Life Laboratory, Solna, SWEDEN;
2 2Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden;
3 KTH Royal Insitute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Poster: MP19 - Informatics: Workflow and Data Management
poster number: 376, Monday, Halls B&C

Galaxy-P:  Transforming MS-based proteomic informatics via innovative workflow development, dissemination, standardization and transparency

Timothy Griffin1; John Chilton2; James Johnson2; Ebbing de Jong1; Getiria Onsongo2; Pratik Jagtap2

1 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN;
2 University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: MP18 - Informatics: General
poster number: 370, Monday, Halls B&C

Reproducible Proteomic Workflows using Extensions to the Galaxy Framework

James Johnson; John Chilton; Pratik Jagtap; Ben Lynch; Tim Griffin

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: MP19 - Informatics: Workflow and Data Management
poster number: 378, Monday, Halls B&C

An Integrated Systems Biology Platform for Complete Proteogenomic Analysis.

Pratik Jagtap1; John Chilton1; Ebbing de Jong2; James Johnson1; Joel Kooren2; Getiria Onsongo1; Sricharan Bandhakavi3; Timothy Griffin2

1 Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, UMN, Minneapolis, MN; 2 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; 3Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA

Poster: TP17 - Informatics: Systems Biology and Large-Scale Analyses
poster number: 248, Tuesday, Halls B&C

Automated Quantification and Analysis of SILAC-iTRAQ Dual-labeled Data

Getiria Onsongo; John Chilton; Michelle Henderson; Timothy J. Griffin; Pratik Jagtap; Edgar Arriaga

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: TP28 - Informatics: Quantification/Validation
poster number: 514, Tuesday, Halls B&C

Posters Utilizing Galaxy

Building Proteomic Application Platforms for Cloud Computing Environments with CloudBioLinux

John Chilton1; Roman Zenka2; Pratik Jagtap1; Benjamin Lynch1; Robert (Bob) Bergen2; Timothy Griffin3

1 University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, Minneapolis, MN;
2 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; 3University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: MP18 - Informatics: General
poster number: 362, Monday, Halls B&C

A comprehensive characterization of the pig islet proteome: PTMs, amino acid substitutions and novel isoforms

Ebbing de Jong; Bernhard Hering; Pratik Jagtap; John Chilton; Getiria Onsongo; Timothy Griffin

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: MP29 - Molecular Systems Biology and Disease
poster number: 583, Monday, Halls B&C

Quantitative Analysis of the C2C12 and Mouse Skeletal Muscle Proteomes using a Multiplexing Strategy

Michelle Henderson; John Chilton; Getiria Onsongo; Pratik Jagtap; Edgar Arriaga

Poster: MP24 - New Advances in Quantitative Proteomics poster number: 474, Monday, Halls B&C

Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Protein Profiling In ARDS: Early Differences Between Survivors And Non-Survivors

Maneesh Bhargava; Trisha Becker; LeeAnn Higgins; Pratik Jagtap; Sanjoy Dey; Michael Steinbach; Baolin Wu; Vipin Kumar; Peter Bitterman; David Ingbar; Wendt Chris

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: ThP23 - Proteomics: Clinical Applications
poster number: 474, Thursday, Halls B&C

Comparing Lung Protein Expression for Biomarkers  Within the Disease Phenotypes of COPD and Lung Cancer

Brian Sandri; Chris Wendt; 

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Poster: !MP27 - Biomarker Discovery: Cancer
poster number: 552, Monday, Halls B&C