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2012 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2012), Chicago, Illinois, July 25-27, 2012

Is your organization interested in being a prominent part of one of the fastest growing communities in bioinformatics? Becoming a 2012 Galaxy Community Conference Sponsor is an excellent way to raise your organization's visibility in this active and engaged community.

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorships are available at four different levels.


Ion Torrent

Ion Torrent

GCC Representatives:
Mike LeliveltMatt Dyer
Mike Hunsicker • Eric Hilligoss


EMC Isilon

EMC Isilon

GCC Representatives:
Sanjay Joshi • Alpesh Shah
Scott Wilson • Kristine Swander


National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Gloria Rendon

UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Bernard Santarsiero

The Institute for Genomic Biology

Radhika Khetani

Roy J. Carver Biotechnology Center

Chris Fields

UIC Research Resource Center   

William Hendrickson
Neil Bahroos



University of Illinois Chicago

   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   

Computation Institute


If your organization is interested in participating in GCC 2012 as a sponsor then please contact Dave Clements at outreach@galaxyproject.org.

Questions? Ask the organizers.

About GCC 2012

The Galaxy Community Conference is the Galaxy Project's annual community gathering. GCC 2012 will be the third annual meeting. Attendance doubled between the first meeting in 2010 (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories) and 2011 (Lunteren, the Netherlands), and we expect attendance to double again this year to nearly 300 participants. Participants mainly come from these groups:

  • Sequencing core facility staff
  • Bioinformatics core staff
  • Bioinformatics tool and workflow developers
  • Bioinformatics focused principal investigators and researchers
  • Data producers
  • Power bioinformatics users

The feedback we received on the 2011 meeting was excellent. You can expect the 2012 meeting to be as well received and organized as the previous event. 1