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When you are done populating this template with the BoF details, delete this entire Instructions section before saving the page. 

Most of edits below are straightforward, and in general you can change, drop, or add anything you want. The one exception to that is the dictbox section. This section has specific syntax requirements.

The dictbox section is meant to give a brief overview of the BoF. It is also meant to be machine-readable; thus the tight syntax requirements.

Some basic guidelines for the dictbox section:

  • Do not modify any of the terms, e.g., "BoF Name", "Summary", etc.

  • Do not modify the leading space in front the terms, or the double colon and space (":") after it.

Name of Your BoF


Name of this BoF gathering

Terse description - a few words or one sentence.
Who are is this BoF aimed at? 
TBA (date and time to be set before GCC2014)
TBA (location to be set before GCC2014)

Your name and contact info; can include HTML links or the HelpOnMacros/MailTo macro

GCC2014 BoFs!

This page describes the Name of Your BoF Birds of a Feather meetup being held at GCC2014.


Describe the BoF here.


Who is this BoF aimed at? What questions or interests will it be about?

When and Where

The time and location for this BoF has not been set yet.  Watch this space.

Who is Participating

If you are interested, please add your name below and/or send an email to Your Name <your AT email DOT address>.

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Send them to Your Name <your AT email DOT address>.