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Galaxy is developed by the Nekrutenko lab in the Center for Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics at Penn State and the Taylor lab at Johns Hopkins University, along with contributions from the community.

Core Team

Carl Eberhard
Carl Eberhard
Johns Hopkins 
   Aysam Guerler   
Aysam Guerler
Johns Hopkins 
   Aysam Guerler   
Mo Heydarian
Johns Hopkins 

Contributors with Commit Access

Other Current Contributors

Inspiration Comes From

  • Ross Hardison
  • Laura Elnitski
  • Kateryna Makova
  • Webb Miller

Former Members

  • Istvan Albert
  • Ramkrishna Chakrabarty
  • Wen-Yu Chung
  • Dorine Francheteau
  • Belinda Giardine
  • Jianbin He
  • Radesh Kamath
  • Kanwei Li
  • Scott McManus

  • Arjun Nath
  • Chinmay Rao
  • Prachi Shah
  • Ian Schenck
  • Kelly Vincent
  • Yi Zhang

Past Contributors

  • David King
  • Cathy Riemer
  • Finn Bacall

Special thanks to

  • Jim Kent
  • David Haussler
  • Ewan Birney
  • Hiram Clawson
  • Angie Hinrichs
  • Bob Kuhn
  • Darin London
  • Sergei Kosakovsky Pond
  • Members of Hardison, Makova, Miller, and Nekrutenko Labs