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 * [[http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AMJ391/computational-biologist-bioinformatician/|Computational Biologist / Bioinformatician]], [[http://www.tsl.ac.uk/|The Sainsbury Laboratory]], Norwich, UK.

Hey! This is under construction!

Galactic December News!

Galaxy News

Welcome to the December 2015 Galactic News, a summary of what is going on in the Galaxy community.

If you have anything to include in the next News, please send it to Galaxy Outreach <outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org>.

New Papers

XX new papers referencing, using, extending, and implementing Galaxy were added to the Galaxy CiteULike Group in November. Highlights include:

The new papers were tagged with:











































GCC2016 Registration is Open

Report on IUC Contribution Fest - Metagenomics Tools and Workflows

The IUC Contribution Fest - Metagenomics Tools and Workflows was held on 30th of November and 1st of December for developers to work mainly on Galaxy metagenomic tools.

The remote nature of this gave people who don't have the opportunity to come to GCC hackathons (which have always been productive and a lot of fun) a chance to participate in a Galaxy hackathon. Having a well defined topic allowed us to accomplish a lot and let people who don't have particular tasks in mind find something to work on very quickly.

See the event home page for more.

Upcoming Events

There are upcoming events on XX continents in XX countries. See the Galaxy Events Google Calendar for details on other events of interest to the community.





Designates a training event offered by GTN Member

Designates a training event offered by GTN member(s)

Who's Hiring

Please Help! Yes you!

The Galaxy is expanding! Please help it grow.

Got a Galaxy-related opening? Send it to outreach@galaxyproject.org and we'll put it in the Galaxy News feed and include it in next month's update.

New Public Galaxy Servers

XX new publicly accessible Galaxy servers was added in November, bringing the total dangerously close to 80.



Planemo 0.15.0 - 0.18.1

Planemo saw a meteor storm (sorry!) of activity in November with 4+ releases.

Planemo is a set of command-line utilities to assist in building tools for the Galaxy project. Planemo 0.18.1 is the most recent release. See the release history.

BioBlend 0.7.0

BioBlend version 0.7.0 was released few days ago. BioBlend is a python library for interacting with CloudMan and the Galaxy API. CloudMan offers an easy way to get a personal and completely functional instance of Galaxy in the cloud in just a few minutes, without any manual configuration.) From the release CHANGELOG.

Other Releases



  • This is the most complete update of the Galaxy on the Cloud platform to date with all the cloud components being built from the ground up. See the CHANGELOG for a complete set of changes or just give it a try: see the all new Getting Started documentation.

  • Security Advisories

    • Three security vulnerabilities were announced and patched in August. The Galaxy Committers have released a number of fixes which have been rolled in to affected versions of Galaxy dating back to the 14.10 release.

  • Pulsar

    • Pulsar 0.5.0 was released in May. Pulsar is a Python server application that allows a Galaxy server to run jobs on remote systems (including Windows) without requiring a shared mounted file systems. Unlike traditional Galaxy job runners - input files, scripts, and config files may be transferred to the remote system, the job is executed, and the results are transferred back to the Galaxy server - eliminating the need for a shared file system.


    blend4j v0.1.2

    • blend4j v0.1.2 was released in December 2014. blend4j is a JVM partial reimplemenation of the Python library bioblend for interacting with Galaxy, CloudMan, and BioCloudCentral.

Galaxy Community Hubs

Galaxy Training Network

Galaxy Community Log Board

Galaxy Deployment Catalog

Share your training resources and experience now

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Galaxy ToolShed

ToolShed Contributions

See list of tools contributed in November.

Other News