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The div macro allows you to apply predefined CSS classes to HTML blocks in this wiki. It is a modified copy of the span macro.

For the content contained in the div you can:

  • apply a css class (css_class param sets class attr)

  • give it a id (id param/attr)

  • set its language (lang param/attr)

  • set its writing direction (dir param/attr)


    <<div(red)>>some text contained in a span with css class red<<div>>

(!) First argument of span macro is css_class, so you can easily give a css class by just specifying its value.

(!) Using div macro without parameters makes it close the div.

More examples:
    || works also || <<div(red)>>in tables<<div>> ||

Predefined css classes in moin 1.9

From common.css of modernized theme:

.red { background-color: #FFCCCC; }
.green { background-color: #CCFFCC; }
.blue { background-color: #CCCCFF; }
.yellow { background-color: #FFF29F; }
.orange { background-color: #FFD59B; }

.solid { border: 2px solid #000000; padding: 2px; }
.dashed { border: 2px dashed #000000; padding: 2px; }
.dotted { border: 2px dotted #000000; padding: 2px; }

.left { text-align: left; }
.center { text-align: center; }
.right { text-align: right; }
.justify { text-align: justify; }

(!) The last few classes (left, center, right, justify) are for replacement of the deprecated align attribute.

See docstring.


See docstring.


Unknown. :)

-- JimWight 2011-04-19