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The span macro was downloaded from the MoinMoin MacroMarket. This page was copied and modified from the span macro homepage.


You can use this macro to open and close (html) spans

For the content contained in the span you can:

  • apply a css class (css_class param sets class attr)

  • give it a id (id param/attr)

  • set its language (lang param/attr)

  • set its writing direction (dir param/attr)

By definition, a span works only within ONE block, so if you need something for multiple blocks (e.g. multiple paragraphs), you have to open/close it in each block. See the div macro for spanning multiple blocks.

For details about the span html element, see the span specification on w3.org.

See docstring.


See docstring.


Unknown. :)

-- JimWight 2011-04-19