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Galaxy Issue Reporting and Feature Requests

Galaxy Issue Board @ Trello

The Galaxy Project uses Trello for issue tracking and for gathering awesome ideas including feature requests from community and future development visions. The Galaxy Trello Board supports card creation, commenting, and voting on cards. All votes affect prioritization of cards: the more votes the card gets the more probable for it to be implemented.

The Galaxy Trello Board

For Issue Tracking

As mentioned above, the Galaxy Project uses Trello for issue tracking. In Trello issues are known as cards and cards are organized into lists. To see the full contents of any card just click on it.

The Galaxy Trello Board has the following bug-related lists:

Category / List



Anybody can create a card (bug, feature request...) here through the card creation form.

Bug Reports

Reported errors and bugs are prioritized here after review. Number of votes affects the priority of a bug.

In Progress

Cards are moved into this list if someone actively works on the issue.


Bug is fixed and the fix is deployed at Test. Please test if you can.

Complete and in central

Cards here are committed in galaxy-central repository and are waiting for next distribution to be included in.

In stable branch

The bug is probably already fixed on the Main instance of Galaxy, committed in galaxy-central repository (branch stable) and is waiting for the next release to be included in galaxy-dist.

The Tool Shed Trello Board

Tool shed has its own board at Tool Shed Issue Board. To create a card in the Tool Shed Board please use the creation form - the card will be moved to the Tool Shed Board after a review.

Security issues

Serious security problems should not be reported via Trello - please responsibly disclose these as explained in https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/blob/dev/CONTRIBUTING.md .

Search for Issues

How to approach Trello

To search existing cards, click Filter Cards (on the right) and enter the text to search for. The subset of cards that match the search terms is displayed as you type in the search terms.

  • Note: If you are logged in you will see a search box at the top of the page. Entering search terms there will not work. (Why? That search box searches only boards that you have full editing capabilities on, while Filter Cards searches just the cards in this board.)

How to Create an Issue

  1. First decide if it should be an issue, or it should be a mailing list question instead. The Galaxy Trello Board is for making feature requests and reporting software issues. When in doubt, start with an email question on the Galaxy-Dev mailing list or a posting to the Galaxy Biostar online forum.

  2. Then search the existing issues to see if the issue has already been recorded. It it has, add a comment and/or up-vote it.

  3. Create an issue
    Finally, if you can't find the issue then go to the Galaxy Trello card creation form, give the issue a descriptive, concise name, and please provide a detailed description of the issue. Markdown is supported in the card description (but not the name). Click Submit Query when you are done, and this will send your issue to the Inbox list in the Galaxy Trello Board and we will handle it from there. :) By all means we appreciate your further involvement in the bug removal (you can provide comments, test possible fixes or even submit a pull request with a fix).

What to include in a bug report

  1. Where you are using Galaxy (Main, local, or cloud instance).

  2. Bug reports from Test are generally not sent

  3. If a local or cloud instance, the distribution or galaxy-central hg pull #
  4. The date/time the bug was detected
  5. Exact steps to reproduce the issue
  6. What troubleshooting steps (if any) you have tested out
  7. If you can reproduce on Main, you may be asked to send in a tool error report or share a history link. Use Options → Share or Publish, generate the link, and email it directly back off-list. Note the problem dataset #'s.

  8. IMPORTANT: If data is involved, leave all of the related datasets in the analysis thread leading up to the bug in your history undeleted until we have responded to you. Use Options → Show Deleted Datasets and click dataset links to undelete to recover error datasets before reporting a bug if necessary.

How to Create a Feature Request

If you want to let us know about your great ideas regarding Galaxy please do! You can reach us at Galaxy-Dev mailing list, IRC #galaxyproject at freenode, or you can create a card on Galaxy Trello Board directly.

How to Create an Account

You can browse, search and create issues without a Trello login, but you won't be able to comment on or up-vote any existing issues. To do that you will need an account.

Click on Sign Up in the upper right hand corner. Enter your name, email, and a password, and click Create New Account. Then go to your email account and follow the directions in your confirmation email to finalize your account creation.

Once you have created an account go back to the Galaxy Trello Board and pin the board to your header menu. This will make it easy to navigate back to the Galaxy board in the future. Click on Options (on the right hand side) and select Pin to Header Menu.

Up-vote the importance of an issue

How to Vote

You can indicate which issues are particularly important to you by up-voting them. To do this, first click on the issue. If the issue has been up-voted before then click on the n votes link at the top of the issue, and then click Vote. If the issue has not yet received any votes then add the first vote (yours) by clicking More... (in the lower right hand corner) and then Vote.

Add a comment to an issue

How to Add a Comment

To add a comment to a card, first click on the card, and then click in the box at the top of the Activity list with your icon next to it. Type away, and when you are done click Comment. Voila, you have now contributed to a Galaxy issue description.