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Sharing Your Galaxy Items with Other People

Click here to view an informative video tutorial on how to share and publish your Galaxy items: http://vimeo.com/galaxyproject/sharepublish.

You can share your Galaxy items - histories, workflows, visualizations, and pages - with other people in three different ways:

  • Individual users: directly using a Galaxy account's email addresses on same instance
  • One or more users: using a web link, with anyone who knows the link
  • Everyone: using a web link plus publishing into Shared Data

All sharing is done by selecting 'Share or Publish' from an object's menu list. Selecting this option takes you to a page where you can share the item in one or more of these three ways. Shared objects can be unshared at any time.

Sharing with Individual Users

Find the section titled 'Sharing with Specific Users.' To share with another Galaxy user, click on the button in this section and enter his/her email address. You can share the item with as many users as you want.

Sharing Via Email

Find the section titled 'Making <Item_type> Accessible via Link and Publishing It.' The buttons in this section enable you to make an item accessible via link and/or publish it. Items accessible via link can be viewed by anyone that knows the link, and you can share an item by giving the link to other people.

Sharing items via link is especially useful if you don't want to require that the person you're sharing with have a Galaxy account or be logged into Galaxy. You can change the text of an item's link by clicking on the pencil next to the link and typing in new text.

When you publish an item, it is made accessible via link (if it not already accessible), and the item is listed in that Galaxy server's published items list. For example, here is the published histories list on the public Galaxy server. Publishing an item enables others to find your object by browsing or searching the Galaxy server's published items list and is a good way to share your object with the broader Galaxy community and encourage others to use it.

Sharing Via Web Link