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User Accounts

Watch the Accounts on Main video for a quick how-to

Although you can use Galaxy without creating a user account, we highly recommend doing so. Painless registration involves an email, password, and user name - that's it and your ready to go! OpenIDs can be easily associated with an account for quick access.


  • be sure to use a valid email address, a one-time confirmation email will be sent upon registration.
  • on rare occasions we have needed to contact certain users, you will want to get these emails if ever sent.
  • please honor our Terms and Conditions or risk losing privileges and data, in particular:
    • Due to the benevolent data and job quotas only one account per user is allowed on the public Main instance of Galaxy.
    • One account on Test is also permitted, but watch out! Tools are not supported and we really do test here. 

Having an account:

  • allows access to data and analysis from any computer connected to the Internet
  • increases the data and job quotas on the public instances Main and Test
  • will safeguard a history (accountless histories are cleared on a systematic basis)
  • grants the ability to name, save, share, and publish Galaxy objects: Histories, Workflows, Datasets, Pages
  • is required to FTP larger datasets to Main (also see the screencast Using FTP)

When registering, please note the Mailing Lists subscription checkbox. By checking it you will be subscribed to the galaxy-announce@bx.psu.edu mailing list, with low-volume activity focused on monthly news letters Galaxy Updates, source distributions Galaxy Distribution News Briefs, and other top level project news.

The other mailing lists and forums to consider:

  • Galaxy Biostar an online forum for discussion about data and tools for new and experienced users of Galaxy. A great place to start.
  • galaxy-dev@bx.psu.edu, is a community hub to discuss technical details for local and cloud instances, tool design and development, and production environment applications of Galaxy. Higher volume, but a must for those interested in the details.

And be certain to visit Galaxy News to find out how to keep informed about other general announcements and periodic maintenance.