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March 2013 GalaxyAdmins Meetup

The next meeting of the GalaxyAdmins Group will be held on March 20, 2013, at 10 AM Central US time.

NBIC Galaxy (Andromeda) was migrated to a HPC cloud hosted by Surfsara in September 2012. In this presentation, we will present the setup of this HPC cloud and the architecture of our NBIC Galaxy. We will also share our experience on the installation of the NBIC Galaxy using the CloudMan scripts. The presentation will finish with a list of issues and our possible future plans.


March 20, 2013


10 am Central US Time (-5 GMT)


NBIC Galaxy at SURFsara's HPC cloud  


Hailiang "Leon" Mei <hailiang DOT mei AT nbic DOT nl>
There will also be a Galaxy Project Update from Dan Blankenberg of the Galaxy Team


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We use the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing system for the meetup. Downloading the required applets in advance and using a headphone with microphone to prevent audio feedback during the call is recommended.

GalaxyAdmins is a discussion group for Galaxy community members who are responsible for large Galaxy installations.

Srinivas Maddhi

Posted to the Galaxy News on 2013-03-12