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News/Galaxy @ ISMB ECCB & BOSC 2011

BOSC 2011   ISMB/ECCB 2011
Galaxy will have a strong presence at ISMB/ECCB 2011 and BOSC 2011.  There will be no less than
  • 3 BOSC talks
  • 2 ISMB workshops
  • 1 Proceedings Track talk
  • 5 Technology Track talks and 
  • 3 Posters

either about Galaxy or featuring Galaxy.  See the Events/ISMB-ECCB-BOSC 2011 page for a complete listing (and if it's not complete, please add your presentation).

One of the workshops, Genomics for Non-Model Organisms is organized by Galaxy and features 4 talks that use Galaxy (including a newly added talk by Marc Bras of INRA that uses Galaxy for SNP detection in grapevine).

Dave Clements

Posted to the Galaxy News on 2011-07-08