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Galaxy Deployment Catalog

We are pleased to announce the Galaxy Deployment Catalog, a place to describe individual Galaxy deployments, and to learn how others in the community are implementing Galaxy in production environments.

If you have a Galaxy deployment then please take a few minutes to describe your instance to the community. There are two ways to do this.

Use the Wiki Template:

  • Go to the "Using the Wiki" section of the catalog home page, enter a CamelCase name for your deployment, click "Create ...," and then edit, preview, and save the page. Voilà, an entry for your deployment now exists in the catalog.

Use the Online Form

  • Fill out this online form. In a week or two, a deployment catalog page will be programmatically created and you will receive an email.

The wiki method requires a wiki login, but gives you control over how the page appears. The online form is easier.

Thanks a bunch, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Dave Clements

Posted to the Galaxy News on 2013-12-04