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News/Oct 2011 Distribution News Brief

Complete News Brief


  • Main Public server at http://usegalaxy.org implements data & job quotas

  • User Interface updates and new features for managing data and more
  • Trackster (aka Galaxy Track Browser or GTB) at BioVis, too many new features to list out, try it!

  • It's official, Python 2.7 is the standard and 2.4 is deprecated
  • Smooth new Tool Shed functions make setting up a local Galaxy even easier (and it was pretty easy already)
  • Source updates, bug fixes, new scripts, wrapped tools, and custom tools


new:     % hg clone http://www.bx.psu.edu/hg/galaxy galaxy-dist
upgrade: % hg pull -u -r 338ead4737ba

Thanks for using Galaxy!

Jennifer Jackson

Galaxy Team

Posted to the Galaxy News on 2011-10-26