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The wiki migration is part of a general overhaul of Galaxy documentation that started with the creation of We also plan to move most admin documentation inside of Galaxy releases, and to support community maintainable training materials.

We are migrating the Galaxy wiki from MoinMoin to a GitHub based solution using GitHub Flavored Markdown for content, and the Metalsmith static site generator to render the actual site. The move to GitHub will allow us to take full advantage of GitHub's collaboration features and will move the documentation to a source format (Markdown) that more people are familiar with. Using Metalsmith to generate the site will give us much more flexibility in how we present semi-structured content such as the events calendar, the public Galaxy servers list, and the GTN trainer and training resources directories.

You'll be able to update the documentation entirely in GitHub and Git. If you are inclined to go deeper you'll be able to easily install and run Metalsmith locally to get the full look and feel.

The migration has started. This wiki has been frozen. We will bring up a beta version of the new site at a different URL within a few days. We then expect a flurry of activity while the team and the community make improvements to the new site before it goes official on November 21.

We'll include guides on how to use the new setup, and what you'll need to know if you decide to dive into Metalsmith.

Posted to the Galaxy News on 2016-11-10