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Maybe add a [[screencast/fake|<screencast>]] link. Or, put in a title frame for the screencast that is stored in here: [[screencast/fake|<Screencast>]] link.
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And maybe other graphics. The new category to stash graphics that don't fit anywhere else is: Graphics:
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This page is of course just '''a teaser and should be brief''' - 10 lines max. It should point to the primary wiki with the main content. Where do we want to put those. I think these and the ''full wiki pages'' need some sort of ''index number'' for organization - unique names are not enough. Each document would have its own index number. I don't think that dates are ideal as the content could and should change over time. A new post would just point out that there was an update, list the highlights, then point back to the same index.

Maybe something like [[Note/10001_WorkingWithDataFromSRA]] - no spaces so that the links are nice to send out. Maybe have something like this (needs to be reorganized, this is just a draft - I don't like how tool shed and admin are split up):
 * 10000 - datatypes
 * 20000 - datasets
 * 30000 - tools
  * 30000 using tools
  * 33000 tool shed
  * 35000 tool reviews
 * 40000 - galaxy primary objects/functions
  * 40000 histories
  * 42000 pages
  * 44000 workflows
  * 46000 libraries
  * 48000 visualization/trackster
 * 50000 - sci tutorials
 * 60000 - sci reviews/studies/publications
 * 70000 - local installs
 * 80000 - cloudman
 * 90000 - admin tutorials

Could do something like odd numbers are these brief announcements and even numbers are the full content - normally in pairs, occasionally skipping the second if there is just and update to a prior full content document.

That's it so far ... so nice!

''Suggestion:'' Is there a way to ''generate a page that would have the complete list of published Notes on it with just the subject lines''? Perhaps ''organized by these index categories'', if we decide to use them? This would be the full notes, so the "full name" itself with lead with the index, making for easy sorting''. The TOC is great, but we'll want a full listing, too. How hard? Sorry to scope creep.

Because this is a replacement for static FAQ style info sharing and should be easy to browse and search, even if that means a web browser "find'.

Although we can talk about which google search could/should go against the notes. Or maybe only certain index groups of notes.

Weird. This does not wrap. Did we know that before? I should read the wiki ...

''I feel like a librarian. Creating a psudo-Dewey decimal system for Galaxy help docs. But, I'll work and be totally useful!''

I ''predict that in 6 months we won't know'' how we kept track of these without it. Yes, I will tag as much as I can via tutorial or consolidated help, so everything is organized/categorized and can be found in the primary index. Or that is the hope.

{{{I am messing around with formatting to see how it posts}}}

'''Plus''' I can create docs real time as I answer more complicated Qs by generalizing the content and creating a new doc or making a modification and sending out links, instead of answer that go into the ether (on bugs). '' I am going to make a '''template''' for a tutorial, help, tool review, etc. wiki page that includes the index numbering items, once decided.

Dave you are awesome - just what I had in mind :) I need a graphic of a messy dssk with a gleaming golden notebook now as our logo. I'll look around for something '''without''' a copy-write. {{{I can paint the ocean but not make logos}}}
This page is of course just '''brief''' - 10 lines max. It should point to the primary wiki with the main content.

Opps, that was the mistake I made. Links vs title. Link - no spaces. Link label - anything.

This will be some text describing what this is about. Then maybe a few bullet points:

  • this one
  • and wow

<Screencast> link.


This page is of course just brief - 10 lines max. It should point to the primary wiki with the main content.


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