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<<Include(Note/SsmpleNoSpaces, , to="CategoryNote")>> <<Include(Note/Ssmple How to do this cool thing, , to="CategoryNote")>>


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Galaxy Notes

More content here (jen) to describe what this is

Some sort of graphic

And a link to the full list (subject line only, sorted)


Opps, that was the mistake I made. Links vs title. Link - no spaces. Link label - anything.

This will be some text describing what this is about. Then maybe a few bullet points:

  • this one
  • and wow

<Screencast> link.


This page is of course just brief - 10 lines max. It should point to the primary wiki with the main content.


Posted to Galaxy Notes on 2012-08-17

Uh-huh, n ote test two

DaveClements (optional)

Posted to Galaxy Notes on 2012-08-15

Text of note goes here. Avoid section headings. Notes have a standard format that allow an RSS generator to create an RSS feed from them.

@NAME@ (optional)

Posted to Galaxy Notes on 2012-08-15

Suggest a Note

Have an idea for a Galaxy Note? Please send it to Jen Jackson.

Maybe add more in here too ...