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 * '''Important''' - this is for '''new note suggestions only'''. If you have a question about [[FrontPage|Galaxy]] or a '''''Note''''' , continue to '''send these to one of the [[Mailing Lists]]''' and just include a link to the Note or wiki.  * '''Important''' - this is for '''new note suggestions only'''. If you have a question about [[FrontPage|Galaxy]] or a '''''Galaxy Note''''' or associated content, continue to '''send these to one of the [[Mailing Lists]]''' and just include a link to the Note or wiki.


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Galaxy Notes

Using Galaxy & more ...

Interested in learning more about using Galaxy? Finding out when the latest help & tutorials are published? Or maybe just want to get caught up on the basic NGS concepts and methods topical to Galaxy users right now?

Galaxy Notes is a new support resource from the Galaxy team. The concept is to create a common notebook of best practice advice. Information from multiple sources will be brought together in a single post to help users make informed decisions about specific protocols and to aid with learning about the basic concepts behind more complex analysis. Expect posts to come out a few times a week and to cover a range of topics applicable to both new and advanced users. An RSS feed is available to help with filtering, so you can quickly scan and find what is most useful for you.


Opps, that was the mistake I made. Links vs title. Link - no spaces. Link label - anything.

This will be some text describing what this is about. Then maybe a few bullet points:

  • this one
  • and wow

<Screencast> link.


This page is of course just brief - 10 lines max. It should point to the primary wiki with the main content.


Posted to Galaxy Notes on 2012-08-17

Uh-huh, n ote test two

DaveClements (optional)

Posted to Galaxy Notes on 2012-08-15

Text of note goes here. Avoid section headings. Notes have a standard format that allow an RSS generator to create an RSS feed from them.

@NAME@ (optional)

Posted to Galaxy Notes on 2012-08-15

Suggest a Note

Inspiration for Galaxy Notes comes from the Galaxy community plus general happenings in Bioinformatics, with an emphasis on biomedical informatics topics than enable using Galaxy for scientific research on Main, CloudMan, or Local Installs. (But don't worry ... we'll walk you through the technical parts, too!)

Have an idea for a Galaxy Note? Did you create a new wiki or tutorial or Page on Main that you want to share? Please send it to outreach at galaxyproject.org with "Galaxy Note Idea" in the subject line.

  • Important - this is for new note suggestions only. If you have a question about Galaxy or a Galaxy Note or associated content, continue to send these to one of the Mailing Lists and just include a link to the Note or wiki.

If you are starting or editing a new wiki page and want to maximize the chance that it will be included correctly in a Galaxy Note and later in our new category system for organizing the wiki content (coming soon!) - please consider the following wiki guidelines:

  • follow the best practices on our Wiki Help and use Moin Moin

  • start your page using the transition template: TemplateWikiPageCategory1

  • do not use spaces in the wiki page name. do be specific. do use upper/lower case syntax.
  • put your images in the right place: Images

  • write for a scientific audience - ask the question, is your content Specific and Reproducible?

    • includes comments/links to support any claims
    • uses proper tool names/versions and links to credit tool authors/publications
    • credits specific data sources and versions with links into Shared Histories/Datasets or external sources
    • anything else that helps whoever may be following along know exactly what is going on
  • be okay with a bit of feedback if you want to have your content included in a note
  • send us feedback or edit a wiki if you notice something is wrong or could be misinterpreted, then let us know if it is big so that we can send out a Galaxy Note to update the community about the change

  • all feedback is good feedback

  • review/migration process for categories is planned for development in Oct 2012
  • patience please while we get this up and going. considered "beta" until at least Nov 2012