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There are a number of resources available to help connect researchers and developers with Galaxy. Broadening Galaxy's reach serves several interrelated purposes:
  1. People can't use Galaxy unless they know about it. It's a sinking feeling to get the results of your first run from the sequencing center and then not know how to exploit that data. By spreading the word, we can make sure that researchers know about Galaxy and how it can help them with data analysis.
  2. Increased visibility leads to increased adoption of Galaxy, and that in turn leads to more people contributing back to Galaxy.

  3. Increased adoption and development help with funding.

Citing Galaxy

Citing Galaxy in your papers and presentations is an easy way to increase Galaxy's visibility and helps enormously with grants. The Galaxy project and Galaxy users have published numerous papers on Galaxy and analyses that use Galaxy. See Citing Galaxy for a partial list of papers and guidelines for citing Galaxy web sites.

Powered by Galaxy

Powered by Galaxy
"Powered by Galaxy" icons are available in a number of different resolutions for inclusion on web sites, in talks, and on posters and other printed material. This is an easy way to let people know just how widely used (and useful) Galaxy is.

Logos and Images

Galaxy Logos

The Images/GalaxyLogos page lists current Galaxy Project logos. The Images hierarchy (of which Images/GalaxyLogos is a part) also lists many related logos, icons and screenshots that can be included in your presentations and posters.



Hands-on workshops are generously sponsored by an AWS in Education training grant

Hands-on workshops are generously supported by an AWS in Education teaching grant award.

Speakers are available to give presentations at your institution or event. These can be overview talks or cover specific details or research topics. In terms of style, presentations can take the form of short talks, workshops with multiple speakers, or even highly interactive and hands-on tutorials. See Events for a list of recent and upcoming activity.

Please contact outreach@galaxyproject.org if you are interested in arranging for a speaker to present at your institution or event.

Presentation and Event Promotion

If you are giving a presentation or event with significant Galaxy related content, we can help you spread the word about it in a number of ways:

If you are organizing or presenting at an event with significant Galaxy content, then we're happy to create both a wiki page and a flier for the event in order to highlight that content. See Events/ISMB-ECCB-BOSC 2011 for an example.

Please contact outreach@galaxyproject.org if you would like to use this service.


Galaxy had trifold brochures made in 2007 to describe the project. We are hoping to have new ones in 2014.


Watch this space for info about how to get incredibly sought after items such as Galaxy t-shirts.