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Galaxy Main Tool Shed

Supported repository_dependencies.xml Tag Sets

(as of June 3, 2013)





description (optional)

The document root tag set that can contain any number of <repository> tags.


toolshed (optional), name(required), owner (required), changeset_revision (optional) prior_installation_required (optional)

Defines a specific revision of a repository on which this repository depends.  If the toolshed is not defined, it will be automatically set to the local Tool Shed.  If defined, the changeset_revision is the minimum required version.  If the changeset_revision is not defined, it will be set to the latest installable changeset_revision for the repository defined by the name and owner.  If either the toolshed or the changeset_revision is not defined, the repository_dependencies.xml file will automatically be altered (before it is committed in the changeset) to include the attributes and values just discussed.