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Galaxy Biostar

Galaxy Biostars

As a result of joint efforts of the Galaxy Team and the Biostars Team a new support platform emerged for the Galaxy community to use:

Galaxy Biostars is at https://biostar.usegalaxy.org/



Galaxy Biostars is an instance of the popular Q&A site Biostars, runs at https://biostar.usegalaxy.org/ and is aimed directly at the needs of the Galaxy community. The software is open source at GitHub and the running version is under control of the Galaxy Team.

Galaxy Biostars is a community forum-like platform for asking specific questions inspired by Stack Exchange sites. Its usage should be straightforward and some of the basics can be found at the about page.


Galaxy Biostars is directly integrated into the Galaxy user interface and is available right when help is wanted!

Sharing Accounts

Go to Galaxy Biostars

Every user on the public Main Galaxy server can access Galaxy Biostar directly through the menu Help → Galaxy Biostar.

A Galaxy Biostars account will be created automatically on the first access and the user will be automatically logged in to it transparently while accessing it through http://usegalaxy.org when also logged in.

If a user ever wants to log in to Galaxy Biostars directly, a password reset request can be made at: https://biostar.usegalaxy.org/accounts/password/reset/.

Tool Help

Every tool page has two options to reach Galaxy Biostars in the top right corner, as shown on the picture.

Tool query in Galaxy Biostars

  • Search queries the Galaxy Biostars forum for posts about the current tool and opens a new tab in your browser with the results. Try this first.

  • Question? opens a form for creating a new Galaxy Biostars question with pre-filled information about the tool.

The Galaxy Biostars forum's focus to help people use Galaxy. It is one of many options available for Galaxy Support.