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Commercial Galaxy Support

Galaxy servers and support are available in a wide variety of different ways, including commercial solutions. This lists the commercial providers that we are aware of


Deena Bioinformatics

Deena Bioinformatics

Deena Bioinformatics can help you to setup your own Galaxy Server. Give your your researchers an easy to use web interface to the command-line utilities they need to work with.

Noor Biotechnologies

Noor Biotechnologies Ltd.

Galaxy is a powerful and open, web-based platform, which is accessible to all scientists. For the beginner, it can be difficult to know how to select from the thousands of available tools, which ones are right for your data analysis.

In addition, for microbiology, few public Galaxy servers are available and their use could limited to subscribers or collaborators only. Many tools, which specially designed for microbiology, are not available in Galaxy main.

At Noor Biotechnologies we support your genomics research by:

  1. Helping you identifying the correct genomics applications that answer your research questions.
  2. Providing support in the design of your sequencing experiment.
  3. Training you in using Galaxy for high throughput data analysis.

  4. Providing help in selecting the correct bioinformatics tools and work workflows on either public Galaxy servers or to customize your own local Galaxy server.
  5. Offering a deep understanding of microbial genomics.

With Noor Biotechnologies, you can make sense of your microbial genomics data


BioTeam Appliance: Galaxy Edition

The BioTeam Appliance Galaxy Edition is

BioTeam Appliance Galaxy Edition
  • a push-button solution that let’s researchers get up and running quickly with Galaxy. The Galaxy Appliance comes preinstalled with a production instance of Galaxy, bioinformatics tools, and reference datasets. This powerful system is specifically configured for computationally intensive scientific workloads. Most importantly, the Galaxy Appliance is an open system so researchers and can install whatever tools they need and use the server as their own high-performance informatics infrastructure outside of Galaxy. BioTeam provides ongoing support for the Galaxy Appliance, enabling researchers to minimize their IT burden. The Galaxy Appliance is used by researchers around the world for metagenomic, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq analysis and more.

Hosting and Commercial Cloud Solutions


CloudMan and Globus Genomics are two ways to deploy your own Galaxy server using Amazon Web Services. CloudMan can also run on any cloud provider that supports the OpenStack or OpenNebula cloud management protocols.  This covers the vast majority of commercial cloud providers.

See the Galaxy Cloud page for more.

Galaxy Specific Commercial Cloud Solutions

These vendors provide support for running Galaxy on cloud infrastructures:



From GenomeCloud:

GenomeCloud started with combining the idea of cloud computing with bioinformatics as an integrated solution for data storage and sharing, database management, upgrading computing and analysis tools, and security.

GenomeCloud is designed to aid biologists and researchers to perform bioinformatics tasks easier, as well as support small-sized laboratories to perform researches without hurdles.

GenomeCloud is composed of g-Analysis, g-Cluster, g-Storage, and g-Insight services, where accounts creation and management, monitoring systems, billing, and service management are offered via KT's proven superior cloud-based web system, providing convenience to the researchers and other users.

Users can easily use Galaxy using g-Cluster based on cloud computing.


Training on how to use Galaxy is offered by several companies around the world:

  • Geneclat Technologies

    • Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, and is available globally (and "ready to travel!")
  • Noor Biotechnologies Ltd.

    • Based in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. We are available to train around the world.
  • OpenHelix

    • Based in North America, but available Globally and via webinar.