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Galaxy Training Network

Galaxy Teaching Hub

This is the hub page for information about how to teach bioinformatics using Galaxy, and Galaxy itself. If you are interested in Galaxy training there are resources, trainers, compute platform advice, best practices, and the Galaxy Training Network are here to help.

Training Resources Directory

The Training Resources Directory is a catalog of training resources for Galaxy. Training resources include tutorials, slides, virtual machines, and entire workshop packages that can be used to teach with Galaxy.

There is also an easy way to add new resources to the directory.

Trainer Directory

Looking for someone to teach bioinformatics and Galaxy at a workshop or your institution? Perhaps you are someone who teaches Galaxy and would be interested in helping others teach it, or in teaching Galaxy to other groups? The Galaxy Trainer Directory lists everyone who is interested in training in their region, or even around the world.

Compute Platform Advice

Wondering what kind of platform you'll need for a successful training event? See the Computing Platforms page for advice of what works and does not work in different situations.

Best Practices

Learn from experienced trainers and share what you have learned on the Galaxy Training Best Practices page.


Want to know what training events are scheduled in the coming months? Or publish your event on the list? See the Galaxy Events page which lists all known upcoming Galaxy events, including many training events.

Courses that Use Galaxy

A list of university courses that use Galaxy.

Mailing List

If you have a question about teaching bioinformatics with Galaxy, or about teaching Galaxy itself, then the Galaxy-Training mailing list is a good place to find an answer. This is also the official mailing list of the Galaxy Training Network (GTN).