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Short Label

Description of Short Label - should be exactly what this has to do with the subject of Page Title.

Then any of these potential areas or others.

This wiki is a good example of a simple, concept specific help page: Learn/CustomGenomes


Good place to put in related wiki links, if part of a group.








Screencasts & Tutorials

(or just screencast, or tutorial, or video tutorial) If posted by Galaxy team, use <Screencast> link. Then title as:














Other wiki guidelines worth considering

If you are starting or editing a new wiki page and want to maximize the chance that it will be included correctly in a Galaxy Note and later in our new category system for organizing the wiki content (coming soon!) - please consider the following wiki guidelines:

  • follow the best practices on our Wiki Help and use Moin Moin

  • start your page using the transition template: TemplateWikiPageCategory1

  • do not use spaces in the wiki page name. do be specific. do use upper/lower case syntax.

  • put your images in the right place: Images

  • write for a scientific audience - ask the question, is your content Specific and Reproducible?

    • includes comments/links to support any claims
    • uses proper tool names/versions and links to credit tool authors/publications
    • credits specific data sources and versions with links into Shared Histories/Datasets or external sources
    • anything else that helps whoever may be following along know exactly what is going on
  • be okay with a bit of feedback if you want to have your content included in a note
  • send us feedback or edit a wiki if you notice something is wrong or could be misinterpreted, then let us know if it is big so that we can send out a Galaxy Note to update the community about the change

  • all feedback is good feedback

  • review/migration process for categories is planned for development in Oct 2012
  • patience please while we get this up and going. considered "beta" until at least Nov 2012

Space is good. Short is good. One topic = one wiki page.

Want to have your content considered for a Galaxy Note? When your done, email us about it at outreach at galaxyproject.org with "Galaxy Note Idea" in the subject line.

  • Important - this is for new note suggestions only. If you have a question about Galaxy or a Galaxy Note or associated content, continue to send these to one of the Mailing Lists and just include a link to the Note or wiki.

Thanks for using Galaxy!