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[[InstallAndTestCertification|Certifying Repositories with the Install and Test Framework]] [[ToolShed/InstallAndTestCertification|Certifying Repositories with the Install and Test Framework]]

Repository Types

An Introduction to Populating Repositories

Building Repository Relationships

Revisiting Best Practices for Populating Repositories

Developing Galaxy Utilities for Inclusion in Repositories

Certifying Repositories with the Install and Test Framework

Certifying Repositories with the Intergalactic Utilities Commission

Searching the Tool Shed

The Tool Shed API

Running a Tool Shed for Developing Galaxy Utilities

The Tool Shed has become an integral part of the process for building and deploying Galaxy tools and other utilities. In addition to tools, the Tool Shed supports Galaxy Data Managers, custom data types and exported Galaxy workflows. Development begins within a local environment that includes Galaxy and a Tool Shed, where a hierarchy of related repositories can be built. The Tool Shed allows a devloper to export the related repositories into a capsule that can be imported into other Tool Sheds. This mechanism streamlines the process of deploying utilities from a development environment to the Test and Main public Galaxy Tool Sheds where an automated install and test framework certifies the repositories for sharing. If you would like to host your own local Tool Shed for developing Galaxy utilities, follow the advice in Hosting a Development Tool Shed page.

Hosting a Public Tool Shed for Sharing Utilities

The Hosting a Public Tool Shed page provides information about the processes for administering a public Tool Shed like the Test and Main public Tool Sheds hosted by the Galaxy Development Team.