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SADI Galaxy Docker Container

SADI-Galaxy Container


SADI-Galaxy Container




Web services, RDF

Make SADI services available in a Galaxy platform.

Mikel Egaña Aranguren

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From the home page:

SADI is a framework to define Semantic Web Services that consume and output RDF, and SADI-Galaxy makes SADI services available in the popular Galaxy platform. Thus, SADI-Galaxy is a nice SADI client to invoke SADI services in an environment that Biologists use often.

On the other hand, Docker is a sort of "virtualisation" environment for deploying applications very easily, without configuration. Therefore I have created a Docker image for deploying a Galaxy instance already containing SADI-Galaxy, so anyone interested in SADI-Galaxy can try it out easily within having to configure Galaxy and SADI-Galaxy. And then whatever information you want to include here. This can describe the virtual appliance in some detail, or just provide a link to the virtual appliance and any advice/guidance on how to use it.

The home page also contains instructions on how to install and use the instance,