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Delete this entire Instructions section before saving the page. 

Most of edits below are straightforward, and in general you can change, drop, or add anything you want. The one exception to that is the dictbox section. This section has specific syntax requirements.

The dictbox section is meant to give a brief overview of the virtual appliance. It also needs to be machine-readable; thus the tight syntax requirements.

Some basic guidelines for the dictbox section:

  • Do not modify any of the terms, e.g., "Domain", "Owner", etc.

  • Do not modify the leading space in front the terms, or the double colon and space (":") after it.


Name of Virtual Appliance


Name of the virtual appliance


VM, AMI, Docker, ...


RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Assembly, Yeast, ...

One or two sentences (at most) about the virtual appliance
List of people/organizations responsible for deployment; can include HTML links.
Date Created/Updated
YYYY/MM/DD the resource was or last updated.

And then whatever information you want to include here. This can describe the virtual appliance in some detail, or just provide a link to the virtual appliance and any advice/guidance on how to use it.